Polished Plaster / Polished Render

Melbourne Rendering Group provide traditional rendering techniques that delivers a unique and contemporary style to interior and exterior finishes for residential and commercial applications.

Interior Polished Plaster/Polished Render are terms that are used for the finish of plasters and is an updated form of traditional Italian plaster finishes. There is a common misconception these finishes are faux finishes; they are not. At Melbourne Rendering Group, we use a gypsum, lime and clay base which is natural occurring products. These natural products gives the pleasing patina that comes from natural substrates and is normally finished with a layer of wax and will give you results that last decades. These finishes help create a contemporary industrial feel to interiors from sleek and clean lines with reflective surfaces to rough textured raw surfaces.

As this particular technique is seamless, it is a great alternative to wall tiles as they are easier to clean being lime scale, mould, and fungi resistant.

Most people will not be familiar with the term polished render or plaster but they will most likely have seen used in the latest retail outlets, café, restaurants, art galleries and public places.

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Some areas where polished plaster & render are commonly used include:

  • Interior and exterior feature walls
  • Stairwells, columns and ceilings
  • Retail environments
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Foyers, shop fronts/facades and reception areas
  • Bathrooms / restrooms
  • Bench tops and splashbacks

Polished Concrete Finishes

Marrakesh Plaster Finish
Smooth Set Concrete
Smooth Set Concrete