Why Choose Melbourne Rendering Group?

I am Paul McBean and I have been lucky enough to be involved with restoring the exteriors and interiors of some of Melbourne's Iconic Buildings.

Personally, I have been rendering for 30 years. I am happy to help guide you through the choices you have for your home or building. I take pride and pleasure in doing good work that stands the test of time.

There is no substitute for quality products, experience and honest hard work. I ensure my team delivers great quality finishes to your property and it comes complete with a guarantee.

Melbourne Rendering Group is a family business with three generations of renderers and as a group we have serviced thousands of Melburnians. We are able to provide an array of services and different finishes, and we are happy to help guide you with the right choices for the look you desire for your home or building - from a mudbrick repair to a commercial project.

With 30 years of reputation to uphold we are committed to do a professional job. If you want to see examples of our work, please call us and we can arrange for you to see for yourself some of the work we have done for yourself.

Paul McBean

Melbourne Rendering Group Specialise in...

Straightening and levelling of angles and corners of buildings.

Choosing the right material for the job.

Preparation of surfaces with the use of mechanical hammers or application of wire-mesh to surfaces to enable adhesion.

Mixing of appropriate binders for the building, applying them to the surfaces and trowelling to smoothen and level the surfaces.

Adding finishing plaster coats to ensure a smooth finish.

Render exterior moulds and walls.

Erecting scaffolding.

Our Work

Paul McBean has been working as a renderer and solid plasterer since 1982. He is interested in traditional building techniques and is passionate that these traditional methods of rendering continues to be passed on.

Paul specialises in Heritage Restoration, Lime Plasters, Solid Plaster, Lime Repointing, Rendering, and Unique Plaster Finishes.